Metal CastingsMetal Castings

CSS, Inc is specialized in precision castings, machining and assembly. The quality of our products has a high reputation of quality.

The main material of our parts is carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. The casting weight is 0.5 80kg. Our parts are used a variety of industries including marine, automotive, internal-combustion engines, agricultural, petroleum and chemical, mining, food , textile, aeronautical and space industry.

We have the ability to make automotive spare parts, such as flywheels, flywheel housings, with complete design, manufacture and assembly of complete sets of equipment, such as sintering machine, pig machine, iron metal alloy electric furnace, metallurgy mine locomotive, iron casting, bronze castings, aluminum castings and steel castings.

We have a full-auto molding line and casting equipment of smelting, core making, and sand treatment and cleaning. Our machine equipment includes a machining center, and a boring machine with a digital display, and a planer etc. Spectrograph and tri-coordinate measuring instrument are adopted for inspection work in accordance with our complete measuring system.

CSS, Inc has all the necessary production facilities. We also have the necessary inspection equipment and advanced inspection method. The NDT processes done by ourselves include: spectrographic alloy analysis, ultrasonic inspection, liquid penetrate, magnetic particle testing, tensile and hardness testing and impact testing.

We have a strict quality control system of ISO9001-2000.

Quality and services of our products first stick to long-term and mutually trusting customer contact. Our quality management system has enhanced our company’s own and customer’s competitiveness. Accurate, instant, flexible and safe solutions are supporting us to do our best to obtain higher productivity and product quality.

We commit ourselves to establishing a lasting and close relationship with you. As your strategic partner, we will ensure ourselves to understand the challenges you face. We will continually provide solutions to promote your success.