Located a mere 18 miles away from nation’s largest sea port, Long Beach port, California Sealing Solutions (C.S.S.) has a geographical advantage when comes to importing products from the Far East.

C.S.S.’s team has over 20 years of experience in international sourcing and working with US customs to help customers lower import duty rate and expedite shipments.

C.S.S. has its own office in Hefei, China to help manage contracted SQEs (supplier quality engineer) located in every major city in Taiwan and mainland China.

When it comes to offshore sourcing, C.S.S. understands the importance of quality control. Our quality control not only applies to finished products but also applies to material incoming QC and the production process. C.S.S. controls the quality of products through regular factory audit before, during and after production time at the factory.

C.S.S. strives to be cost effective. To achieve this, we are always working on improving relationships and communication between our partner factories on quality control and cost reduction so to continue providing quality products to customers at the best possible prices.

To view some pictures from our offshore premier partner factory pictures: