O-rings and Quadrings


An o-ring is a ring-shaped rubber or sealing device with a circular cross section.

oringThey function as compact  sealing devices by absorbing the tolerance  between closely mated surfaces in both dynamic and static applications. Although o-rings can be made from a variety of materials, they are commonly molded in one piece from an elastomeric material.

Millions of o-rings are used for almost every  application. They are used to seal pumps, valves, cylinders, and fittings in passenger cars, trucks, aircraft, farm equipment, industrial hydraulic equipment, home appliances and plumbing. O-rings can also be used in a variety of non-sealing applications, such as bumpers, drive belts, tension bands, conveyors, spacers, and friction drives.

Css, Inc offers O-rings and seals that are available in standard sizes and compounds including Viton o-rings, Silicone O-rings, perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings, Buna O-rings, Aflas O-rings, Urethane O-rings, Fluorosilicone O-rings, Buna O-rings, Metric Viton O-rings, Neoprene Metric O-rings, Encapsulated O-rings.


Css, Inc can source  o-rings that can be custom made to fit your needs, and when a custom designed o-ring is applied in a properly designed gland, it will seal against a variety of high temperatures (high temperature o-rings), cryogenic conditions, and chemicals.

An important consideration for the seal and design of o-rings or seals is compression set  – the amount that an elastomer returns to its original thickness after having been compressed. Factors critical to compression set include the amount of squeeze over time, temperature variations, and fluid contact.


Compatibility between the orings and the fluid to be sealed.
Operating temperature (or a range of temperatures) is important when designing the gland to be sealed. A gland operating at a high temperature could require increase volume to compensate for the thermal expansion or swelling of the o-ring, or orings. Conversely, when low temperature sealing is required, a more shallow gland depth might result in producing the proper squeeze for an effective seal.

Pressure is important in determining the hardness (durometer) of an o-ring.

Css, Inc  offers  a variety of compounds for your custom oring applications including Viton, Silicone, Kalrez perfuoroelastomers, and many others in custom configurations.

Css, Inc  works closely with purchasing agents and engineers at manufacturing companies throughout North America and the world that use large volumes of O-Rings, gaskets and seals. We support our Distributor Partners that sell to these purchasing agents and engineers. The industries we serve range widely, from automotive and medical products, to hydraulic fittings and semi-conductors.

We source a full line of O-Rings in various durometers and colors including:  Viton® O-Rings, Buna-N O-Rings, Kalrez® O-Rings, Simriz® O-Rings, Silicone O-Rings, Chemraz® O-Rings, EPDM O-Rings, Fluorosilicone O-Rings, PTFE O-Rings, Neoprene O-Rings, Metric O-Rings, Back-Up Rings, Quad Rings, Square Rings, Spliced O-Rings, Custom O-Rings, Mil-Spec O-Rings, O-Ring Kits, O-Ring Cord,  and FEP Encapsulated O-Rings.


quadringA double-acting four lip seal for static and dynamic applications. Quad-Rings (X-Rings) are available in a wide range of elastomer compounds. Provides higher seal efficiency and lower friction than conventional O-Rings.