California Sealing Solutions specializes in producing standard and custom parts. To better serve you, we carry an extensive inventory of standard parts and offer free samples to qualified customers. We also have a wide variety of capabilities to produce custom components in metal, plastic, and rubber for unique solutions or special applications. Our team will help guide you through the process of specifying the correct material and (just as importantly) the correct manufacturing process, while taking into consideration your special requirements.

Below are lists of products we can provide. If you need anything that is not on the list, don’t hesitate to ask, we very well may be able to help you with our sourcing team:

autoclave gaskets
We are able manufacture replacement gaskets for popular brands of tabletop sterilizers.
Our products meet the manufacturers specifications.

We have been supplying aftermarket parts and we offer significant savings when compared to the same parts supplied by the manufacturer.

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custom molded rubber
California Sealing Solutions specializes in producing standard and off-the-shelf molded silicone, rubber products and molded rubber parts. To better serve you, we can source standard parts and offer free samples to qualified customers. For special applications, our custom molding and fabrication programs are designed to provide unique solutions. Our team will help guide you through the process of specifying the correct material and (just as importantly) the correct manufacturing process, while taking into consideration your special requirements.

Instead of trying to make a standard part fit, why not create a custom product that perfectly conforms to your application design requirements? We specialize in custom silicone and custom rubber molded parts, and we work with a wide range of polymers

We source rubber extrusions for many applications, such as sealing, noise control, vibration control and decorative trim. Custom compounds and profiles are our specialty.

Rubber Grommets

We offer a variety of standard rubber grommets and military rubber grommets. We also source hundreds of different sizes of rubber grommets and can also make custom grommets and other rubber components to your unique specification.

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rubber diaphragms
Diaphragm seals are manufactured from standard and quality rubber materials to highly advance compounds for chemical compatibility. A rubber diaphragm seal is required to provide flexibility and memory for various fluid and pneumatics applications.

CSS offers diaphragms in a wide range of materials to a broad variety of industries.

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Foam gasket
Foam, or sponge, gasket is a generic term covering a range of parts made from different closed cell foam rubbers. These materials are commonly used to manufacture equipment seals; dust, moisture and splash seals; lid seals; various kinds of filters, and speaker gaskets.

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Foam insulate tubes
Insulating tubes made of closed cell polyethylene foam or rubber, these foam tubes covers can be used on pipes or used as a handle quickly and easily. They come in a variety of sizes.
CSS provides a wide range of standard and custom gaskets, packing, gasket material in rolls, sheets and strips. We provide services such as stripping, slitting, vulcanizing, die cutting and die cut gaskets and more. Our products are used in applications such as boiler, manhole and handhole gaskets, o-rings, packing, compressed non-asbestos, custom cut rubber stencils, rubber products, molded rubber, extruded rubber, fluid sealing products, PTFE, Viton®, Flexitalic, Hypalon®, EPDM, Buna-N, vegetable fiber, sponge and more materials. We provide specialized gasket making and packing tools including gasket cutter kits, gasket punch sets, dovetail punch, gasket making machines and more.

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machined metal
Custom supplier of machined component parts. Materials worked with include carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and titanium.

We can source a wide variety of Custom Machining services including high volume production, short run & small machined parts.

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mechanical seal.pdf
We are a U.S. Seal distributor and also offer several other domestic and imported seals.
U.S. Seals promise long life, reduce maintenance, and provide automatic self-adjustment. Made from the highest quality materials, the U.S. SEAL MFG. product line meets or exceeds most OEM specifications.

We can supply you with new and replacement mechanical seals to fit the majority brands of pumps.

  • Custom-Engineered Sealing Solutions
  • Seal Repair & Rebuilding
  • Cartridge Seals
  • Single & Multi-Spring Assemblies

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Our factories produces iron castings, we also have the ability to produce various types of metal castings. These materials include Aluminum & Gray Iron.

Casting is the process in which a liquid material is poured into a mold. A mold is a block that’s been hollowed out in the desired shape. The liquid hardens or sets inside the mold, adopting its shape. The solidified part is known as a casting.

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metal stamping
Stamping is a manufacturing process that utilizes coiled strip metal that passes through a series of progressive dies, punches and forms which produces a finished part. There are several different production metal stamping machines used in the industry; Progressive punch presses and four-slide or multi-slide machines.

Stampings (also known as pressing) includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produces the desired form on the sheet metal part, or could occur through a series of stages. The process is usually carried out on sheet metal, but can also be used on other materials, such as polystyrene.

A stamping press is a metalworking machine tool used to shape or cut metal by deforming it with a die.

Metal stamping can be applied to a variety of materials based on their unique metalworking qualities for a number of applications across a wide range of industries.

Metal Stamping may require the forming and processing of base common metals to rare alloys for their application specific advantages.

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O-rings are circular sealing elements with circular cross-sections, and are mainly used in static applications. The sizes are specified by the inside diameter and the cross section diameter. O-rings are manufactured according to metric and imperial international standards such as AS 568B, DIN ISO 3601 and JIS. Custom sizes of almost any dimension are possible, such as miniature O-rings, special O-rings with large dimensions and continuously molded and spliced cord.

In addition to standard imperial and metric sizes, CSS also is able to source a wide variety of non-standard sizes. Read More

CSS offers a wide variety of suppliers to your radial shaft seal (oil seal) needs. We are able to source oil seals that include the highest quality OEM brands or a more economical brand. Whether your application requires inch standard or metric, small diameter or very large diameter, single or double lip, we can help you source it.

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CSS sources a wide range of custom extruded products such as gaskets, door seals, and spliced rings in different shapes as well as sizes. We can extrude “U”, solid “D”, hollow “D”, and custom shapes from both dense and sponge materials.

We can extrude rubber profiles and products in all shapes, sizes and lengths from a wide range of sponge and solid rubber compounds and materials.

Our rubber extrusions are flame retardant, temperature resistant, and made from high-density materials such as Buna-N, EPDM, Neoprene, and Silicone

plastic injection
CSS sources can produce custom engineered injection molded components, parts & assemblies used in consumer products, appliance, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, aircraft, aerospace & other industrial applications.
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CSS is able to source complete range of PTFE Packings. PTFE packing is used in high purity and corrosion resistance is required, it is widely used in food industries, the pharmaceutical industry. It can be braided with silicone rubber core to control leakage.

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Pump repair kits
We currently stock the following aftermarket kits.

  • Bse-2 kits
  • Bse-3 kits.

Genuine U.S. Seals mechanical seal, other components are sourced or made in the U.S.A.

  • Aurora 476-250-644
  • Aurora 476-253-644
  • Paco kit K-105-1
  • Weinman kit
Rubber to metal pics

The process used to bond rubber to metal depends upon the application, specifically the use of the finished product. rubber to metal bonding is an ideal process for bonding metal and plastic parts including: gears, shafts and rollers in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Additional uses for this process include rubber components bonded to steel, aluminum, brass and plastic.

Our company offers a wide assortment of Rubber Metal Bonded Parts which are manufactured using best quality rubber and metal. These metal bonded parts are also manufactured as per customers requirement.

We can assist manufacturers with product development, design and select the right rubber to metal bonding agents for the performance requirements of the application. Our goal, with every project, is to produce uniform, high quality products as efficiently as possible. We develop customized rubber to metal bonded solutions to meet customer requirements.

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